We are responsible with your generosity

Learn how the Foundation is accountable for your donations to Fort Lewis College and about the impact they have made.

Annual Impact Report

Learn how your gifts have impacted our students and community.

Charity Navigator

See how Fort Lewis College aligns with your passions.

Donor Bill of Rights

We endorse and follow the Donor Bill of Rights, based on voluntary action for the common good.

Foundation Policies

Understand the policies that guide our mission.

Accountability documentation

Certificate of Good Standing

Our certificate of good standing indicates the Foundation is legally registered with the State of Colorado, and serves as proof that we are authorized to do business here and follow all state requirements, like submitting required documents and paying taxes and other fees.

Foundation fees

Foundation fees support operations and strategic investments for Fort Lewis College. These fees are designed to increase private support for FLC's priorities and do not affect the original donor contributions. 

  • The Endowment Long-term Pool Fee is a 1.5% fee calculated annually based on the market value of the long-term pool as of December 31.  
  • The Short-term Pool Fee is a fee of up to 5% calculated annually based on the market value of the short-term pool as of December 31.  

The FLC Foundation Board of Directors may approve changes to the fee percentage.