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Fort Lewis College's three schools provide students with the hands-on education they need to learn, grow, and thrive in a competitive world. Your support ensures students have access to cutting-edge programs, top faculty known as experts in their fields, and modern facilities and technology that prepare them for the workplace.

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Featured Fund: Katz School of Business Impact

The Katz School of Business promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, and ethical business practices.

The programs help develop career-ready students in an inclusive, experiential, and student-focused environment. We facilitate and strengthen our commitment to innovative business education and diverse scholarship through faculty members’ engagement in our community.

The foyer of the business hall, with a circle of chairs and a screen showing stock data.

Featured Fund: School of Arts & Sciences Impact

The School of Arts & Sciences fosters creativity, innovation, and scholarly endeavors across a wide range of disciplines.

Students learn career success strategies with flexibility in creatively solving problems, critically thinking through issues, working collaboratively, and communicating effectively to diverse audiences.

A group of students gives a presentation in a classroom, with the professor looking on, smiling, from the side.

Featured Fund: School of Education Impact

The School of Education supports a variety of programs and initiatives and provides financial resources and support to students majoring in Teacher Licensure, Adventure Education, and Educational Studies.

Students can focus on a field of education that needs to be altered, adapted, fine-tuned or radically transformed, created again, built from scratch.

A Fort Lewis College education student assists in a classroom with young children.