Make a gift to Reconciliation at Fort Lewis College

Fort Lewis College is committed to a reconciliation process that acknowledges our historical impact and honors our responsibilities to Indigenous communities, students, faculty, and staff. We recognize this is an ongoing process requiring an intentional focus on healing. Our reconciliation is critical to our future.

We began our reconciliation process and established the Committee on FLC History in 2019. We started a multi-year conversation about our federal boarding school origin and its historical impact on Indigenous students and communities. Since then, the campus has hosted several listening sessions to open a dialogue about reconciliation and develop recommendations. Our first act of change was our ceremony to remove incorrect public displays of FLC history.

The Diversity Affairs Office leads our continued reconciliation work with faculty, staff, students, and Tribal Nations. Through this work, we aim to improve the well-being of Indigenous students by increasing their sense of belonging and upholding our responsibilities to our Indigenous and College communities.

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Featured Fund: Diversity Affairs Impact Fund

The Diversity Affairs Impact Fund is a general fund that, at the discretion of the Vice President of Diversity Affairs, supports any and all initiatives within the division.

This includes student and faculty support, programming, undergraduate research, and reconciliation efforts.

Indigenous student in a turquoise dress with traditional embellishments stands and presents to students seated on the Campus green.

Featured Fund: Indigenous Student Success Fund

This fund will be managed by the Vice President of Diversity Affairs to > support Native American and Indigenous Student Success initiatives, including but not limited to:

  • Funding student interns and research
  • Stipends and emergency and persistence grants
  • Travel expenses for conferences, ceremonies, or extracurricular activities
  • Study abroad expenses
  • Other forms of scholarship for Native American and Indigenous students

Featured Fund: Native American Center Operating Fund

The Native American Center Operating Fund is a general fund that, at the discretion of the Director of the Native American Center, supports any initiatives within the Center.

This includes student and staff support, particularly bolsters student success with, for example, new computers, purchasing updated textbooks for the textbook loan program, and supporting individual student needs.

Featured Fund: Native Language Revitalization Fund

Provide financial support for overall expenses for the Native Languages Revitalization program, including participant expenses.

Students dance in ceremonial clothing inside the FLC gym.

Featured Fund: Trust, Healing & Reconciliation Fund

State support to complete the next stage of truth, healing, and reconciliation at FLC. Install accurate signage and information at the original boarding school site in Hesperus, CO, that is consistent with other messaging developed and disseminated regarding the College history.

Provide workshops, and webinars and invite guest speakers to educate faculty and staff on the true history and continued effects of Native American boarding schools.

Three Indigenous students stand in traditional dress with the snowy peaks behind them as the background.